How We Can Help
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01. Support

Our community will guide and support families during any loss during pregnancy and within the first year. We will offer peer support groups, 1:1 family support from a family that has gone through a loss, workshops to help with the grieving process to include art therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga, coaching, and more to come. We are here to focus on the family and the unique needs of everyone involved in the loss.

02. Comfort

Healing Grace offers comfort boxes to any woman that has experienced a loss while in the hospital or who have experienced a loss at home or through miscarriage. “Champ Boxes” are given to mothers that have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or a loss due to a life limiting diagnosis. It is a small token of our love for these women and families to get them ease even if slightly their stay in the hospital. We also offer an extensive list of vendors who offer unique personal ways to support grieving families with everything from meal trains to “Comfort Cubs.”

03. Planning

Meeting with the family to develop a birthing plan to fit their needs and desires to have the best possible experience during one of the most challenging moments of their life. These plans will be developed with the family and their treatment team. We will make sure the needs of the family are met in accordance with their beliefs.