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Peer Support: Families of infant death and pregnancy loss holding space for each other

Connecting families of infant and pregnancy loss with other families that have experienced infant and pregnancy loss. Meeting monthly to connect with other families of loss and hold space for each other. To create a space that is sensitive to the trauma of this type of loss. These groups can be where we sit and share our stories of loss and support each other in a safe non-judgmental space. Or they can be centered around an activity to bring us together in a safe environment and experience life and light in spite of our shared loss.

My Angel Baby’s Heart Beat Bears

Families that receive a life limiting diagnosis can receive at no charge an Angel Heartbeat Bear and can borrow our in house doppler to record their baby’s heartbeat on the heart recorder that goes inside the Angel Bear. 

Champ Boxes

Boxes of comfort items for mothers of infant and pregnancy loss. Items include, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, tea, hot chocolate, hair ties, a book supporting their grief journey after this loss, and a letter from our executive director and remembrance item custom made at their request. 

Comfort Cubs

As stated on their website: 

The Comfort Cub is the world’s very first weighted therapeutic teddy bear.  It was invented with love by founder Marcella Johnson in 1999 after the loss of her infant son, George.  She created this therapeutic tool to ensure that no other woman would ever have to leave the hospital empty handed after such a devastating heartache. The Comfort Cub is specially weighted and is intended to simulate the comfort of cradling a newborn.  This weight can help alleviate physical aching in the body brought on by Broken Heart Syndrome or grief…” Find more information at These bears are given to area hospitals to have at any time there is a loss. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Dr. Ariel Goodman, a licensed trauma-sensitive yoga instructor and mental health counselor. These workshops will provide a short overview of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga/movement and invite you to experience a movement practice either in person or via Zoom. This type of yoga workshop will be different from what you might find at a local yoga studio. You will be guided through a series of gentle movements, with no “correct” postures or praise for flexibility. The goal of TSY is to engage the whole organism in the healing process—body, mind, and spirit. If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Ariel directly at [email protected] For more information about Trauma Sensitive Yoga, check out this website:

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