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Peer Support: Families of infant death and pregnancy loss holding space for each other

Connecting families of infant and pregnancy loss with other families that have experienced infant and pregnancy loss. Meeting monthly to connect with other families of loss and hold space for each other. To create a space that is sensitive to the trauma of this type of loss. These groups can be where we sit and share our stories of loss and support each other in a safe non-judgmental space. Or they can be centered around an activity to bring us together in a safe environment and experience life and light in spite of our shared loss.

Grief Resource Center

Visit our office to find a quiet and safe space to meet with other families that have experienced the loss of a loved one, find a library of books that address the many aspects and types of grief, loss of an adult child, loss of a loved on to suicide, pregnancy and infant loss, or loss of a spouse or parent. We have resources to help you be the best support for a loved one that is going through the their grief journey. We have staff to sit with you to assess what support you need and where to find those services. We will soon have a schedule of programs featuring area providers that will present ways to support yourself on your path, validate all that you are going through and open doors to guide you to life after loss. 

Bodhi’s Toties

These totes will be provided to all children that are struggling with grief and loss. They are packages of items intended to provide comfort, love and grace. A token acknowledging their loss and that no matter what they are supported and accepted within the Healing Grace organization. These packages were developed by a mother who lost her son at 19 weeks’ gestation. It is honoring the memory and legacy of this sweet baby boy.

Each tote will contain items to assist them on their grief journey. They will be customized based on age and type of loss. They will contain variations of the following items: 

  • Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • A small stuffed animal
  • Stress ball
  • Guided grief journal for children
  • Guided grief journal for teens
  • Grief book
  • Fuzzy socks or small blanket
  • Adult coloring pages (like the intricate mandalas or other mindless coloring that can be really therapeutic)
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
  • Bubbles
  • A small picture frame
  • stress ball
  • fidget toy

Children’s Grief Group

We are hosting our first children’s grief group at Saranac Lake School District starting September 29th. This is a activity based grief group for children ages 7 to 11 years old. It is facilitated by a social worker and licensed mental health practitioner with the support of an educator and school staff. Each child will receive a Bodhi’s Toties grief comfort tote. We can bring this programming to your school and for more information call 518-310-0722. 


Miscarriage Comfort Kits

This program is designed to acknowledge the loss of a pregnancy, both the physical process and emotional process. These kits provide a small gift to the woman that is experiencing this loss to let them know they are not alone and validating all the big emotions they may be going through or will go through. Along with the gift is a booklet answering many questions they may have and to provide our contact information for continued support. It discusses the different options they have and the physical process that their body will go through. If the family would like to bring the baby home to bury, we have provided biodegradable urns with a small heart that when planted blooms. 

This program is created in the image of Empty Arms Bereavement Massachusetts.

What is in a kit:

  • A card assuring them they are not alone
  • “Making it Through” booklet
  • A small stone heart for them to carry with them and be a reminder they are supported
  • A small biodegradable urn with blooming heart. 

Birth Weight Stuffed Animals

Each family is offered a stuffed animal of their choosing. These animals are then fitted to the weight of the baby’s birth weight. 

My Angel Baby’s Heart Beat Bears

Families that receive a life limiting diagnosis can receive at no charge an Angel Heartbeat Bear and can borrow our in house doppler to record their baby’s heartbeat on the heart recorder that goes inside the Angel Bear. 

Champ Boxes

Boxes of comfort items for mothers of infant and pregnancy loss. Items include, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, tea, hot chocolate, hair ties, a book supporting their grief journey after this loss, and a letter from our executive director and remembrance item custom made at their request. 

Brenna’s Book Trunk

A library of children’s books that are available for children experiencing grief and loss. These books focus on love, grace and helping children with their grief. These are available without cost to the family. This program is in Memory of Brenna and created by her family.

Comfort Cubs

As stated on their website: 

The Comfort Cub is the world’s very first weighted therapeutic teddy bear.  It was invented with love by founder Marcella Johnson in 1999 after the loss of her infant son, George.  She created this therapeutic tool to ensure that no other woman would ever have to leave the hospital empty handed after such a devastating heartache. The Comfort Cub is specially weighted and is intended to simulate the comfort of cradling a newborn.  This weight can help alleviate physical aching in the body brought on by Broken Heart Syndrome or grief…” Find more information at These bears are given to area hospitals to have at any time there is a loss. 

We are always working to improve, expand, enhance and develop the services and programs available through our organization. To find out more or share ideas please email our executive director at [email protected]. Please visit our events page to see upcoming events and groups.