Healing Grace Partners for 2023

Healing Grace over the last 3 years has grown and developed into a place that provides the space and love to support families of infant and pregnancy loss. Getting here and continuing would not happen without all of the donors. An integral part of this journey is the businesses of the North Country believing and supporting. Below are the businesses that have made an impact on the life of this organization and allowed us to provide the space for families of infant death and pregnancy loss. Thank you.

Champ’s Benevolent Bronze Medal 2023 

Proud recipient of a Project Grant 2023

Funding the Miscarriage Kits Program

Generous Acts Grant 2023

Funding our Community Grief Resource Center

Alexandra’s Stupendous Silver Medal 2023

Alexandra’s Stupendous silver Medal 2023


Champ of the Cause 2022 

Champ of the Cause 2022 

Generous Acts Grant 2022

Generous Acts Grant 2022




Champ’s Benevolent Bronze Medal 2022

Healing Grace Partners 2022







Artist Catherine Feldman

Prayerful Soul Art Studio


 Knights of Columbus #333

Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Mary’s Parishes