Finding hope in the face of loss


Our Mission

Healing Grace’s mission is to cultivate a safe and welcoming space that allows us to provide support, guidance, love, and community to all families that have suffered (or will suffer) the death of an infant at any stage of pregnancy and within the first year of life. As we expand our reach and services, we welcome all those that are experiencing grief and loss. To know love we will all know grief. We exist to foster hope and provide the necessary support for the healing journey after loss including but not limited to; professional and peer support provided in individual, community, video on demand and workshop settings, birth planning support, funeral planning support, as well as comfort boxes and other remembrance items to support all those grieving.

Healing Grace is committed to providing grace, love and support to all. We are a center built on the foundation that all humans need a place to feel comfortable to be themselves and express their grief without fear and judgement. 

This is a community that has come together because of loss, but is connected by our mutual vision of hope.

About Us

At Healing Grace, you will find a safe, loving environment to support you in whatever part of the healing process you are in. This journey does not have a start or an end. It is a continuum that is ever changing. From laughter and remembering with a smile one moment, only to feel an overwhelming feeling of sorrow fall over you the next and a need to cry it out, Healing Grace is here for you.

Thank you for visiting! Whether you are here seeking support or here to support our families, we are excited to welcome you to the Healing Grace community. We are stronger together.

No life too small.

Upcoming Events

Hold Me Tight Workshop with Patrick Monette LMHC

Jul 2024

Coffee and Connection

rief Yoga with Julia Day

Earth & Soul Guided Hike

Coffee and Connection


How We Help


Peer Support, 1:1 Family Support, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga/Movement Workshops, Coaching and more


“Champ Boxes” for mothers that have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or a loss due to a life limiting diagnosis; Bodhi’s Totes comfort packages for children; Angel Heartbeat Bears; Comfort Cubs; Brenna’s Book Trunk


Assist with finding resources custom to the needs of each individual and family

Support Our Mission

Your monetary donation helps us develop programming, provide Champ boxes, Angel Heartbeat Bears, Comfort Cubs, support families needing help with medical costs and so much more.

“My husband and I lost our 9-month-old daughter Zoey in 2017, before Healing Grace was even created. We were lucky to have the support of wonderful family and friends, but there wasn’t much guidance on how to navigate the beginning of our grief journey. Though years later, I am so grateful for the safe space of understanding, friendship, and ultimately hope that Healing Grace has offered – because as anyone on this journey knows – it never ends.” – Tiffani Light

In order for Healing Grace to continue to grow into a thriving pillar of the community, we are counting on donations from compassionate people like you.

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